Sliding Glass Door Repair Orlando (407) 334-9230

July 5, 2011 by: admin

Sliding Glass Door Repair Orlando (407) 334-9230. I fix sliding glass doors 7 days a week in Orlando, Florida and surrounding areas. If your glass is broken, I can fix it. If your slider is falling apart and the wheels are falling off, I can fix it. If the track is worn down to nothingness and the doors fell off, I can fix it.  If your interlocks don’t line up right and your AC is getting out, I can fix it. If your doors are in really bad shape but are not described in this list of problems, I can probably still fix it.  Just give me a call and I will let you know if I can fix it or not.  (407) 334- 9230.


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  1. Barbara Pogoni says:

    This man fixed my 40 year old heavy metal sliding door that needed lots of muscle to push open and closed 15 times a day. It took an more than an hour to fix all the problems with new wheels and fit to opening, but it works smoothly with a touch now and it is a lot cheaper than replacing the entire unit when the old one works just like new. Thanks so much! Also, fast service even though my job was not an emergency. Would recommend this professional man without any reservations.

  2. Barbara Pogoni says:

    great job. See above comment!

  3. David says:

    Great job repairing our wore out glass door. Great price, now opens & closes with one finger. Arrived on time went right to work, had our door fixed in about an hour. I will use his service again.

  4. Steve says:

    Yes, I was skeptical when he said he’s been able to fix every door he’s ever worked on. We had been told we’d need to spend several thousand dollars to replace our three panel glass door. However, he delivered on his promise. He arrived on time and spent more than 2 hours working on the door until it met his standards (which were higher than my own!). Highly recommended.

  5. Donald Brooks says:

    GREAT SERVICE! Arrived early, after calling to make sure it was ok. Got right to it and within 3
    45 minutes our door opens and closes like new, maybe better. Will recommend this service to anyone.

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