Sliding Glass Door Repair Orlando 407-334-9230 Introducing Stainless Steel Precision Bearing Wheels.

Here at Sliding Glass Door Repair Orlando, we are introducing Stainless Steel Precision Bearing Wheels for those of you that want something of a better quality in your sliding glass door. These bearings, which are the actual guts of the wheel, are made of stainless steel and so is the outer wheel, giving you an overall quieter, smoother and longer lasting experience. The stainless wheel is ideal for beach and pool side applications. Because they are stainless steel, they are not affected by the chlorine or the salt that these areas are known for. So if you feel that these wheels would be of a benefit to you, give us a call at 407-334-9230 and Sliding Glass Door Repair Orlando would be more than happy to give you a free quote.

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